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Siddique Memorial Teacher Training College, Sarmastpur, N.H.28, Sakra(Dholi), Muzaffarpur, Bihar- 843104 is established in 2010 having college campus at Muzaffarpur. It is recognised by ERC, NCTE Bhuwneshwar, Govt. of India and affiliated to B.R.A.B.U, Muzaffarpur.

Prompted by fast multiplying needs of the hour, “Siddique Memorial Teacher Training College” has been in efforts to cope-up with the prevailing set-up of the people's mind to prepare a solid base for their children so as to enable them to match with national and international competitive atmosphere

Our Courses

B.Ed and D.El.Ed courses are valuable in producing skilled and dedicated educators who contribute significantly to the growth and development of students at different educational levels. Aspiring teachers should carefully consider their interests, career goals, and the specific age group they wish to teach when choosing between these two courses

B.Ed Course

A Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) college is an educational institution that offers undergraduate programs in education. B.Ed colleges are specifically designed to prepare and train individuals to become skilled and qualified educators, capable of teaching in various educational settings such as schools, colleges, and educational organizations.

Affiliated By NCTE

D.El.Ed. Course

D.El.Ed colleges offer a diploma program in elementary education that typically spans one to two years. The course aims to equip students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and understanding to effectively teach and nurture young learners at the elementary level, which typically includes classes from 1 to 8.

Affiliated By NCTE

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Teaching is a profession that creates all other professions

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